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WatchIT based in New York is the leading broadband learning content provider for Information Communications Technology (ICT); the organisation was founded by Dr James Martin in1999, the world-renowned author and business expert on ICT. Dr. Martin has also named one of the 25 top influencers in the IT industry by Computerworld magazine . WatchIT provides information/education/awareness for the ICT market using media streaming technology. The main aim of WatchIT is to explain key emerging technologies and how these technologies can be deployed for business benefit.

WatchIT offers a subscription-based service targeted at the needs of both the IT strategist and technical professional by providing 'the seminar at the desktop experience'. WatchIT's value proposition is to provide clients with a means to leverage a collective knowledge base that is derived from access to the best subject matter experts, analysts and consultants, end-users, and early adopters of information technology products and services. The programmes enable clients to obtain relevant information on technologies and trends that are most likely to impact their organisations.

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