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Ninth House based in San Francisco is the leading broadband media network for business learning delivering professional resources on demand at the corporate desktop. NHN provides a B2B solution that addresses the challenges corporations face in recruiting, developing and retaining skilled employees in today's knowledge economy.

NHN improves organisational performance and changes individual behaviour by teaching a universal curriculum of fundamental business skills such as leadership, management, communications, project management, team effectiveness and business essentials.

Unlike standard corporate “training,” NHN integrates a network of leading content providers , interactive television-quality media, engaging online communities, Internet technology, performance tracking & measurement tools and world-class HR services to deliver a personalised daily learning experience to employees. By partnering with leading management guru's Ken Blanchard , Jon Katzenbach , Tom Peters , Peter Senge , Larraine Segil and others, NHN is providing valuable business insight in a safe, engaging format to thousands of employees who would never have had access to self-paced mentoring from the world's premiere business leaders and teachers.

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