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From initial contact through to completion of assignment, we become part of your organisation, absorbing culture and ways of working to fit in and work towards a common goal.

Fundamentally, we will listen, analyse and discuss your objectives then reflect, check understanding and present back our findings and develop a proposal that will meet your needs.

At all stages, we will professionally project manage any engagement. Typically an outline process would be along these lines;

  • First Contact be it via phone, email or visit. We will seek to clearly understand your requirements and articulate the benefits that can be achieved and as appropriate agree next steps.
  • Initial Consultation one or more of our team will spend time with you to discuss your objectives, tailor an approach that will deliver the results you require, and develop an agreed Statement of Work.
  • Project Engagement we will produce a formal Project Requirements Definition that clearly articulates the scope, objectives and deliverables. This will also highlight the major milestones and phases to completion.

Example Phases for a solution deployment are as follows, utilising the right combination of learning services to address relevant needs at the appropriate stage.

phases chart

Periodic Reviews at all phases of delivery, there will be joint reviews on progress against milestones and objectives.

  • Completion check and wrap up of our first engagement with a review against the deliverables, plus offer continued support to help maintain the momentum of what has been achieved.
We appreciate and actively seek feedback from all engagements. All comments are treated in confidence and used to improve our service to you.